Judge Gorsuch is not an impartial judge

It’s hard to get a lawyer and go to court, but sometimes workers sue big corporations who discriminated against them.  Sometimes consumers sue giant businesses that cheated them.  Sometimes employees sue for the right to have health care or other federally guaranteed rights.  Courts are supposed to be neutral decision-makers—ensuring that all parties receive equal justice under law.  But President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch, sides with corporations over workers, and he will not impartially defend the rights of all Americans. That’s why the Senate must block his confirmation.

When Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia passed away last year, corporations and special interests spent millions on a campaign to ensure that President Obama couldn’t get a Senate hearing for his Supreme Court nominee.  They wanted to keep the seat open so that Trump could pick someone who would advance their interests.

Those powerful interests knew that this was the perfect opportunity to tip the balance of the court in favor of corporations and against working families. In fact, it was right-wing organizations Heritage Foundation and Federalist Society that handpicked Judge Gorsuch and included him on President Trump’s “short list” of judges to consider.

Corporations and special interests got what they wanted: to buy the nomination of a judge like Neil Gorsuch, who has made it easier for corporations to win in court and harder for working people to find justice.

No matter how many times Judge Gorsuch says he is impartial, his rulings tell a completely different story. In Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, when he had to choose between the “rights” of corporations and the rights of women, Judge Gorsuch chose corporations. In consumer protection cases, when he had to choose between the “rights” of corporations and the rights of customers who were cheated by corporations, Judge Gorsuch chose corporations. In discrimination cases, when he had to choose between the “rights” of corporations and the rights of their employees to be free of harassment and abuse, Judge Gorsuch chose corporations. Given his record, it is clear that Judge Gorsuch will not be a judge that defends the rights of all Americans.

Judge Gorsuch has insisted that he simply applies the law to the facts of the case. However, there is no doubt about where he stands politically. Even before he became a judge, Judge Gorsuch criticized liberals for defending their fundamental rights in the courts. But he avoided similar criticism of conservatives. Judge Gorsuch doesn’t understand that Latinos and other people of color, workers, immigrants, women, and other vulnerable groups have all had to take the fight to the courts in order to protect their rights.

The Supreme Court will hear many cases involving issues that affect all of us — women’s rights to make decisions over their own health and their bodies, the right to vote, LGBTQ rights, and same-sex marriage. It is more important more than ever for Latinos and the American people that the Senate block Judge Gorsuch’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.

We are currently dealing with a presidential administration that ignores the law, attacks our judicial system, issues discriminatory unconstitutional executive orders, and that is under investigation by the FBI for possible connections with the Russians during or after the Presidential election. President Trump’s administration is out of control, and we can’t afford to confirm an ideological judge who will not ensure that all people find justice in our courts.

If confirmed, Judge Gorsuch will have the power to change the lives of all Americans. His record shows that he will not equally defend the rights of all of us. We cannot let President Trump sell a seat in the highest court in the land to ideological groups, or fill the court with people who are not going to fairly and impartially decide cases that come before the court. That is why we should all oppose Judge Gorsuch’s nomination.

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren

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